Von Hyin Kolk(voni studio) is a fashion designer based in New York City.

Kolk graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2019 with a BFA in Fashion Design. During her studies, she received the Hugo Boss Scholarship Prize for excellence in the Collection Pathyway as well as the Parsons 2019 Academic Award for Creative Systems. In addition, she was named one of CFDA’s Fifty Fashion Future Graduates of 2019. In 2019, her work was recognized on MoMA’s instagram page. Kolk’s pieces have also been featured in major publications including PAPER, Vogue Italia and I-D magazine. She has collaborated with several brands, most notably, Adidas (Brooklyn Creator Farm), and pop artists including Kim Petras and Brooke Candy.

Kolk’s work draws from the human condition. Her interest lies in expressing the intangible psychological, and spiritual aspects of the human experience through tactile forms. She utilizes the format of a collection as a time-based canvas and takes into careful consideration, the implications of “dressing” and “fashion”, envisioning dramatic looks which impress allegorical narratives. Lee has a unique process for making which she has developed through research of furniture construction and fine art sculpture. Her creations activate experience. To dress oneself in a VONI STUDIO garment involves a physicality inherent to the idea of dressing as experience.

Please email vonistudio@Icloud.com for inquiries, sales, press or collaborations.

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